LendingCaptain was started by a team of longtime friends (who met during our military service) who are passionate about bringing innovative ideas to the marketplace that increase efficiency and transparency, for everyone’s benefit.

We like meritocracies and bringing down barriers. While we can’t get rid of legal ones, with LendingCaptain we are happy to bring down those that allow only large corporation of funds to invest with high returns in the market.

Using the combined experience in business, finance and technology, the LendingCaptain team is happy to bring all the advantages of our automated system to those who will grab the opportunity.

Before launching, we used our tool to invest our selves, and only after seeing it work beautifully with our own eyes, and enjoying some consistent returns using some of our favorite strategies, did we think ourselves ready to offer to you.

Investors can hold on to these notes until maturity (or potentially default), or can sell them in the secondary market. The Secondary Market, where these notes are exchanged, offer potentially much higher returns than the primary market.

John Dou
CEO, LendingCaptain

Meet Our Team

William Smith
Chris Brown
Executive Director