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Our Automated Tools give you the advantage of obtaining the best p2p notes in the Secondary Market.

Investing in P2P Lending is an excellent choice. By choosing to help individuals and businesses access credit more affordably (by cutting out middle-men), you profit in diversification, security and high returns in a win-win situation.


A portfolio is spread out among hundreds if not thousands of individual loans, representing a wide breadth of the US economy. Loans to different individuals of many professions, income levels, and regions of the country.

The portfolios can be adjusted for Risk Appetite, from funding only prime loans to pristine credit history individuals, to high return and high risk loans to individuals who want a second chance.

The leader in the P2P Lending marketplace is *. They innovated the industry and have delivered consistent healthy returns to diversified portfiolos since 2007.

How Lending Captain Works?

Sign up
Sign up for free, and Create one or more Strategies with our easy to use graphical interface.
These strategies work by using
predefined filters that allow us to find the
perfect notes for you
from among the
hundreds of
thousands available
at any one time.
Activate your filters
Simply press “Play” and Run your Strategies.

Set daily and overall budget limits for
each of your Strategies. Check back
whenever you like to
see which Notes each
Strategy has
purchased for you.
Investments come in
Sit back and watch LendingCaptain Work!

Check back whenever you like to see
which Notes each Strategy has purchased
for you. You will continue
to see all your of
statistics and
performance info on
the site.

How Investing Works?

Each loan in split into hundreds of individual notes, usually $25 each at origination, and investors can buy one or more of these notes belonging to specific loans. While this ensures diversification among many loans for investors, it can be a daunting and tedious task to manually invest in $25 notes one at a time.

LendingClub does offer automated investment for its primary market… that is, investing notes at the point loan origination. Depending on your risk apetite and other factors, returns there histortically for well diversified portfiolios have been from 5% to 8%.


Investors can hold on to these notes until maturity (or potentially default), or can sell them in the secondary market. The Secondary Market, where these notes are exchanged, offer potentially much higher returns than the primary market. Notes can be sold at discounts or premiums, and notes carry much more information than they did at origination since there is now a performance history from the borrower.


While investing in the secondary market has significant advantages, doing so manually can be painstaking and impossible to do with the speed and efficiency of automated systems. LendingCaptain brings you full automation for the Secondary Market.

Create one or more Filters (or strategies), based on one of the many criteria we off, and watch them scoop up notes for you. LendingCaptain will continuously scour the secondary market for notes that match your predefined paramaters.